Capturing life in Colour.

Dramatic color combined with a vigorous painting technique are the key elements of Expressionism in art. Expressionist painting was more about using color and the physical qualities of a medium to express your feelings about the subject rather than simply describing it in a naturalistic fashion.

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Capturing the beauty of Photography.

Art photography is a highly creative field. Artists work to capture the perfect image, while also embracing their unique style. Some fine art photographers choose to capture images in black and white, while others like to add a splash of color. Some photographers prefer to work with highly stylized photos, while others strive for a more natural look. Fine art photography can also be used to capture images from different perspectives or scenes that might not otherwise be seen by the naked eye..

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Social Media of Sindhu Galleria

Sindhu Galleria

A multi-platform initiative dedicated to charity and donations. Our YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram profile, and TikTok account all serve one purpose: to support and uplift those in need. By promoting charitable activities and encouraging donations, we aim to make a positive impact in our communities. Join us on Sindhu Galleria and be a part of a compassionate community working towards a better tomorrow. Follow us across all platforms to stay updated and get involved in our mission.

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Price Rs. 15,000pkr
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 Fine Art Paintings
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Iftikhar Ahmad Sindhu, CEO of Park Avenue Housing Scheme. I want to say something about Amjad Sindhu Director Safari Garden Housing Scheme, CEO of Hammad Trader and Founder of Sindhu Galleria. He is very honest and kind hearted man. He feel the pain of needy people and wants to work to serve the people so he started Sindhu Galleria, core purpose of this organization generate revenue through sales of "Paintings" and use those funds for "Charity" of People Me and my family support with him "ALLAH Bless him and give success in "Sindhu Galleria" (Aameen). 


Iftikhar Ahmad Sindhu CEO Park Avenue Housing Scheme

Tanveer Ahmad Kazmi, Director Safari Garden Housing Scheme. We work together from last 10 years, we work on various projects of different nature but one of our popular project "Safari Garden Housing Scheme" within this period i found he is a loyal and sincere man I really appreciate the vision of Amjad Sindhu who start Sindhu Galleria to help the people and work for humanity. Even before starting this trust he already donate few amounts on every month. He install water filtration plant for people. May ALLAH give success in his Mission, me and my support always with him best of Luck for "Sindhu Galleria"

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Tanveer Ahmad Kazmi Director Safari Garden

Ashfaq Ahmad, CEO of Networks Solution. Established on September 8th, 2012 Networks Solution has been a leader in providing office automation solutions and CCTV services. We supply high-quality hardware to various companies, ensuring their operations are secure and efficient.A Tribute to Amjad Sindhu For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of working alongside Amjad Sindhu, a remarkable individual whose loyalty, politeness, and friendliness have left a lasting impression on friends, staff, and co-workers alike. His dedication to helping others is exemplified by the creation of Sindhu Galleria, a charitable initiative aimed at supporting those in need. May ALLAH bless him and grant him continued success. Aameen. 

Ashfaq Ahmad Chohan CEO Networks Solution